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By GOD'S GRACE, we resume in person worship, Sunday, February 13, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. RICHEST BLESSINGS TO EVERYONE! WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU.




10:00AM Sunday Mornings
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This observation by a layperson is utterly germane for our era, especially as the various celebrations of the life of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King take place:

"The world these days is obsessed with dividing people. It's always some version of us against them. It drives an addiction to conflict, the temptation to call opponents evil." The real world, God's world, isn't like that."

His comments cause me to recall what I have shared in the past when the lift and example of MLK, Jr. is lifted up. Our enemies may not want our love, but they desperately need it. Hatred is deadly to the soul and is cured only with the antidote of reconciling love. When we extend this kind of love to our enemies, we not only purge our own hearts of its poison but also offer hope to those who are slowly dying from the toxic effects of hatred.
In Hope, Faith, and Love,
Pastor Leo